Ultimate Frisbee Field – Official Measurements to Enjoy the Game

Understanding the ultimate frisbee field is crucial. It’s important to know about ultimate frisbee regulation field size in order to set proper boundaries where players are allowed to play and score points.

The standard dimensions of ultimate frisbee are 70 yards long by 40 yards wide. The Frisbee field is divided into three sections: two end zones measuring 25 yards in depth and a playing field measuring 20 yards in depth.

The field is marked with boundary lines to help players identify the different areas and sections of the field. The purpose of these dimensions is designed to provide a balance between offense and defense. The Frisbee game is a little familiar with Disc Golf, but ultimate frisbee has different dimensions than the measurements of disc Golf.

Let’s learn in detail!

Ultimate Frisbee Field Dimensions

The ultimate frisbee field should be rectangular in shape with a flat surface. The standard size of an Ultimate Frisbee field is regulated by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF). 

The official size of a regulation Ultimate Frisbee field should be 100 yards long and 40 yards wide.

The playing field is positioned between two sidelines and two end zones, which measure 20 yards deep.

Ultimate Frisbee Field
Ultimate Frisbee Field

The End Zone

The end zone is used for scoring points. It is located at each end of the field. In the opponent’s end zone, the team can score a point by catching the disc.

Boundaries-Ultimate Lines

The playing field is bounded by four lines—two sidelines along with the length and two back lines along with the width.

The frisbee playing field also includes two goal lines along with backlines. The two field areas bounded by each backline, the sidelines, and the end zones are nearest to the goal line.

Goal Line

The goal line is placed at the front of each end zone. It marks the beginning of the end zone and is used to determine the skill levels of the players. It is used to decide whether or not a player has scored a point.

Midfield Line

The midfield line divides the playing area into two parts. It runs perpendicular to the goal line. This line is used to start the game after each point is scored and at halftime.

Brick Mark

Along the midfield line, The brick mark is placed in the middle of the field. This mark is used to restart the frisbee game after a pull, which is the initial throw that starts each point.

Ultimate Frisbee Field
Ultimate Frisbee Field

Two Additional Lines

The Team Line

Parallel to the sidelines, the team lines are located outside of the playing field. Coaches and competitors should remain behind these lines to allow adjacent play.

Equipment Line

It is recommended that spectators and gear remain behind this line during play to ensure the perimeter is safe and clear.


Brightly colored, flexible cones or pylons mark the central zone and end zones.

5v5 Ultimate Frisbee

  • The field is smaller: A 5v5 ultimate frisbee field is typically around half the size of a full-size Ultimate Frisbee field.5-on-5: The field size is 25 yards wide and 70-72 yards long, with 10-12 yard end-zones. There is no brick in the 5v5 field.
  • No sideline markings: There are no sideline markings. Instead, the field is marked by cones at the corners of the end zones, and players must stay within these cones when they catch the frisbee.
  • Reduced scoring: Because the field is smaller, the number of goals required to win the game is typically lower than in traditional Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Fewer players: With only five players on each team, 5v5 games can be more fast-paced and require greater individual skill.

The Game

Ultimate frisbee is a fast-paced, non-contact sport resembling many traditional sports like basketball, football, and soccer. The sport is played with a flying disc or frisbee and is popular around the world. Ultimate is a non-contact sport. Physical contact is not allowed. Non-incidental contact is considered a foul.

A goal is scored when one team catches the disc in the opponent team’s end zone.

Ultimate Frisbee Game
Ultimate Frisbee Game

Turfs For Ultimate Frisbee

Typically, two main types of turf are used for ultimate frisbee game fields – nylon and polyethylene. Generally, Nylon turf is more durable and has better wear resistance, while polyethylene turf is softer and more comfortable to play on. 

Both types of turf are suitable for Ultimate Frisbee, so the choice largely comes down to personal preference. Well-trimmed grass is recommended for the ultimate frisbee playing field surface.

Turf fields provide a durable, consistent, and weather-resistant playing surface. When choosing a turf for Ultimate Frisbee, look for one that has the right surface and infill materials, proper drainage, and meets the official size and dimension requirements. 


The game lasts 40 minutes of playing time divided into 20-minute halves. Half-time of a game lasts for 5 minutes. Throw-offs are counted after the receiving team touches the Frisbee.

Each team consists of 6 players.

Two steps (Max)

The receiver must stop after catching a throw and may take the fewest number of steps possible before stopping. If a disc is caught by an offensive and defensive player at the same time, the offensive player keeps the disk.

70 yards by 40 yards

328 feet long


Understanding the dimensions and layout of an ultimate frisbee field is crucial for players, coaches, and spectators alike. The regulation size of a field is 100 yards long and 40 yards wide, with two end zones measuring 25 yards in depth and a playing field measuring 20 yards in depth. The field is marked with boundary lines, goal lines, and a midfield line to help players identify different areas and sections of the field. 

Turf surfaces are becoming increasingly popular for ultimate frisbee games, with nylon and polyethylene turf being the most common types used. Additionally, the introduction of 5v5 ultimate frisbee has brought a faster-paced, more individual skill-focused game to the sport. The layout and dimensions of the frisbee provide a balance between offense and defense, making for an exciting and dynamic sport.

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