Disc Golf Basket Dimensions – Official Measurements for Quality Play

The Disc Golf basket dimensions must comprise a depth, diameter, and height size of 18cm, 66 cm, and 82 cm, respectively. Whereas the deflection assembly is 57cm, and the basket rim height is 51 cm. Further, getting the disc into the basket and obtaining the desired score is one of the most exciting parts of disc golf. The basket or target serves as the central point of the disc golf game. You need to know the disc golf basket dimensions approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), whether you want to make your own or acquire a basket to practice throwing.

So, it is a good idea to become familiar with the basket dimensions and specs and grasp the game’s rules if you plan to play disc golf professionally. Disc Golf is similar in name but has different dimensions to Golf course measurements as it is thoroughly a different game.

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions Metric – Basic

Typically the basic golf basket dimensions must be 18 cm (7 inches) deep, 66 cm (26 inches) in diameter, and have a height size of 82 cm (2 feet, 8 inches). The deflection assembly supporting the chains above measures 57 cm (22.4 inches), while the height of the basket rim from the bottom of the deflection assembly is 51 cm (20 inches).

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions
Disc Golf Basket Dimensions
  • The rim of the basket must be 21 1/3 inches wide.
  • The chains cannot be extended more than 22 inches below the rim.
  • The lower basket should be 6.7 inches high and 25.7 inches wide.

PDGA standard disc golf basket dimensions

The PDGA organizes tournaments across the country, evaluates players’ performances, publishes a disc golf competition rulebook, and provides materials and instructions for developing courses. On the website, the PDGA also keeps a list of approved equipment.



  • Height Above Ground: 82.0cm
  • Depth: 22.4cm
  • Inside Diameter: 67.7cm
  • Maximum Size of Gaps: 16.9cm
  • Outside Diameter: 69.4

Deflection Assembly

  • Maximum Width: 55.0cm
  • Outer Chains: 14
  • Inner Chains: 14
  • Maximum Size of Gaps on Top: 15.5cm

Target zone

  • Target Zone Height: 48.2cm


  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Width: 4.8cm

Chains size for disk golf – Length of chains on a disc golf basket

The chain is a crucial part of disc golf sport. Its purpose includes helping in the frisbee’s upward and into the basket deflection. Secondly, it clearly demonstrates that the frisbee truly touched the rim.

The PDGA specifies the minimum length for the chain is 9-inch. You have the option to include as many or as few chains as you would like when constructing a diy disc golf basket. The standard requirement for PDGA-approved baskets is 12 pieces. 

Disk golf tee – pad of asphalt, gravel, rubber, concrete, and artificial turf

The beginning of a hole is marked by a disc golf tee, referred to as a tee box. According to the PDGA, the box must be at least 1.2 meters wide and 3 meters long. A concrete, asphalt, rubber, gravel, or artificial turf pad typically serves as the tee box. 

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions
Disc Golf Basket Dimensions

Permanent disc golf baskets

Most disc golf courses have permanent baskets attached to an anchor set in the ground and supported by a concrete base. They can be pulled out for maintenance and protected with a padlock. 

Here are some examples of permanent baskets

  • Innova DISCatcher
  • Dynamic Discs Veteran Basket
  • MVP Black Hole Pro

Mini Disc Golf Basket Dimensions

If you do not have enough space in your yard to set up a course with official-sized baskets. To resolve this problem, a small disc golf course might be built.

The height of the baskets can range from 13 to 26 inches. The rim won’t be half as big or smaller than the official-sized rim. The bottom basket’s floor, which is slightly bigger than the rim above, is still not reached by the chains.

What is a frisbee golf basket?

A Frisbee golf basket is a target used in the sport of disc golf. It is typically made up of a metal basket, with chains hanging from the top of the basket designed to catch the disc and keep it inside it. The diameter of the frisbee is 12 inches. The basket is usually mounted on a pole and placed in various locations around the disc golf course, with players trying to throw their discs into the basket from a starting point or tee pad. 

The objective of the game is to complete the course with the fewest number of throws, similar to traditional golf. Frisbee golf baskets come in a variety of designs and can be found in public parks, recreation areas, and dedicated disc golf courses.

Disc Golf Basket Dimensions
Disc Golf Basket Dimensions


The PDGA does not set a standard weight for the golf basket but recommends that the basket weight should be 18 to 25 kilos.

The official disc golf association does not set a minimum requirement for chains. A minimum of 12 outside or up-and-down chains are required.

The hole in disc golf, which is typically a basket or an item. The phrase “hole” refers to the entire playing area, including the tee, fairway, green, and target.

Two baskets connected to the middle post make up the disc golf goal. The same 1′′ steel flat bar band will be welded to some bent 1/4′′ steel rod for the two baskets. The rods are located on their sides after being turned into an “S” shape. 

The disc golf four numbers, which are displayed in the same order, indicate its speed, glide, turn and fade. Players frequently utilize the flight rating system to compare various discs and how they will perform during flight.

Final Thoughts

Is it clear by now that you need to familiarize yourself with the specifics of Disc Golf Basket Dimensions? In this article, we have made an effort to clearly convey the most relevant facts and information. We believe we have successfully conveyed the significance of this knowledge.

Real golf competitions require skill, and disc golf competitions require the same. Yet, practice really does make perfect. You must practice since how your frisbee flies to the basket will be greatly influenced by the wind.

If you can construct one in your garden, you may also practice putting form and throws in the comfort of your home. Always keep in mind that perfecting your form and other skills can help you elevate your game performance.

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