Paddleball Court; Pickleball Vs Paddle Tennis Vs Paddleball

Paddleball courts share similarities with tennis courts in singles or doubles. In this sport, players use paddles like softball, made of wood or graphite with air holes. These holes help to reduce friction on the plastic ball. Essential gear includes a paddle, measuring up to 18 inches in length and 9 1/2 inches in width. 

An official court measures 20 feet wide and 50 feet long, with a 16-foot-high wall. The court consists of the markings like short lines, service markers, sidelines, and a long line. The service zone, between the short line and markers, sets the stage for the game’s kick-off. The server stays within this zone until the ball crosses the short line.

The ball must clear the short line for a valid serve, and the server must remain in the service box. “Short” or “long out” is called for improper bounces, and stepping out during the serve is a “fault.” The server gets two chances; otherwise, the receiver claims the point, leading to role reversal. Scoring progresses from 15 to 30 and 40 points before winning the game.

Let’s discuss the dimensions in detail.

Paddleball court

Paddleball Court
Paddleball Court

The International Padel Federation (Federación Internacional de Padel or FIP) is the governing body for paddleball. The FIP sets the rules and dimensions for the paddleball court.

A standard double padel court measures 10 meters wide and 20 meters long. However,  a single padel court is more minor, measures 6 meters wide, and is 20 meters long.

The smaller paddleball courts measure  5 meters wide and 10 meters long. This court is suitable for 6-year-olds. 

Paddleball court Lines

Paddleball Court
Paddleball Court Lines

Service line and central service line

On a court, a service line is 6.95 meters away from the net. Right in the middle of that space, there’s another line – the central service line. This line measures 20cm beyond the service line. This line divides the area between the service line and the net.


The lines at the ends of the court run parallel to the net. The baseline marks the length boundaries.


 Sidelines run parallel to the net, marking the width of the court.

Tennis courts vs paddleball court dimensions

Tennis courts are like the big siblings of padel courts. They measure 23.77 meters by 10.97 meters wide. 

Padel courts are smaller; you can squeeze more into the same space as one court of tennis

Is there any difference between padel and tennis?

In Padel, players can use the surrounding walls, including the back and side walls, during the game. But in tennis,  the ball must stay within the court markings.

Paddleball Sports
Paddleball Sports

Tennis courts vs. paddleball court measurements

Court AspectsPaddleball CourtTennis Court
Width10 meters23.77 meters
Length20 meters10.97 meters
Total area200 square meters 260.76 square meters

Paddleball Net Dimensions

The rectangle court is correct in the middle, and a net is dividing it into two halves. The paddleball net court has a 10-meter-long net, 88 cm high at the center, with a slight wiggle room—of 5 mm. The external surfaces of the net poles stand proudly at the court’s lateral limits.

The court is a fully enclosed rectangle. Walls of various materials provide a regular ball rebound. 

Back Wall

The back wall stands tall at 4 meters, with the first 3 meters solid and the last meter covered in wire netting. Walls can be made of glass, brick, or any transparent or opaque material. 

Court Surface

The court surface can be concrete, wood, synthetic materials, or artificial turf. A single color is preferred for the court surface, with green, blue, or brown are considered official colors. Black is reserved for indoor installations.

There are two types of paddleball.  

One-Wall Paddleball

This type of game allows for solo play (1 vs. 1) or doubles (2 vs. 2). It originated from handball. A single wall, you, and a small rubber ball akin to a handball. 

Four-Wall Paddleball 

Four-wall paddleball is similar to squash but with a bit more breathing space. Four-wall paddleball is played on a larger court, enclosed by four walls and a 20-foot-high ceiling. 

Paddleball View
Paddleball View

Paddleball vs pickleball–Similarities between the sports

Both paddleball and pickleball use paddles. The layout of pickleball and paddleball look similar. Both sports utilize a flat, rounded face on a short handle. Paddleball is often played on enclosed courts with four walls. Paddleball uses a solid paddle and a small rubber ball. The paddles used in paddle balls are made of wood or composite.

Pickleball is played on a rectangular court with dimensions similar to badminton. The court is divided into specific zones, including a non-volley zone close to the net. Pickleball uses a perforated plastic ball (similar to a Wiffle ball) and generally larger paddles than those used in paddleball. 


The court measures 20 feet in width and 50 feet in length, with a 16-foot-high wall in a paddle ball. 

A standard defined space, 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, surrounded above ground by a mix of glass and weld mesh rebound walls, along with fence panels. Sturdy steel posts anchored to a concrete foundation keep everything in place. To top it off, the playing surface is a smooth synthetic turf. 

A tennis court can accommodate 2 to 3 padel courts, depending on the space between the baseline and the back fence. 

Four players


Paddleball is a dynamic sport played on compact courts. This game combines a strategic dance with wooden or graphite paddles and a plastic ball. The International Padel Federation governs paddleball courts, and court variations cater to all, from standard double to kid-friendly sizes.

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