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To help you choose a wakeboard for beginners, we have come up with a wakeboard size chart. Make sure this piece of information helps you understand wakeboard sizes. The wakeboard’s layout is similar to the layout of the kiteboard.

The wakeboards length measures around 4 feet (121 cm) to 5 feet (152 cm). Wakeboard width can range from 15 inches (39 cm) to 17 inches (43 cm).

Waterboarding can be great fun if done with the right size wakeboard. You need to evaluate a wakeboard’s characteristics for this purpose based on your riding expertise and comfort levels.

What size wakeboard do I need?

The size of your wakeboard depends upon your weight, skill level, and personal preferences. Here is a general wakeboard size chart to help you determine the appropriate size wakeboard for you:

Wakeboard size chart for beginners 

Rider’s Weight (Ibs)Rider’s Weight (kg)Wakeboard Length (cm)
100+41 to 50kg118 to 130
90 to 15050kg to 70kg130 to 134
130 to 18060kg to 80kg135 to 139
170 to 25075kg to 110kg140 to 144
200 to 275+75kg to 110kg144+

Wakeboard Dimensions

In the water sport of wakeboarding, athletes use a wakeboard to go over the surface of the water while being pulled by a motorboat or cable system. It combines the elements of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing.

Usually, wakeboards measure 130 cm to 150 cm (4 to 5 feet), although they can be longer or shorter. Widths can range from approximately 39 cm to 43 cm.

Wakeboard Size Chart
Wakeboard Size Chart


The wakeboard’s bottom surface is curved from tip to tail, known as its rocker. 

Wakeboard rocker types

The wakeboard rockers feature a three-stage board that is continuous. The smooth, constant curve of continuous rocker boards makes for a predictable and fast ride. Three-stage rocker boards have three different flat areas: the tip, the tail, and the middle, which results in more abrupt transitions and greater pop off the wake.

Wakeboard hybrid rocker

The bottom rocker line of a wakeboard with a hybrid rocker is referred to as the “shape of the board. The curvature that runs the length of the board from tip to tail is known as the “rocker.

A continuous rocker and a three-stage rocker are the two separate types of rockers that make up a hybrid. Hybrid rockers aim to provide the benefits of both rocker profiles.


Wakeboards have different flex patterns, from stiff to flexible. For riders who love high-speed riding and greater jumps, stiffer boards offer better stability and control.

Wakeboard size Chart and Weight Chart

  • Up to 100 pounds (45 kg) -118 cm to129 cm 
  • 90 to 150 pounds (41 to 68 kg) – 124 to 134 cm
  • 130 to 180 pounds (69 to 82 kg) -134 to 140 cm
  • 170 to 250 pounds (77 to 113 kg) -138 to 144 cm
  • 200+ pounds (90+ kg) -144 cm and above
Wakeboard Size Chart
Wakeboard Size Chart

How to measure wakeboard size?

To measure the right size for a wakeboard, you should consider your weight, skill level, riding style, and personal preference. Here are some steps to measure an appropriate size:

  • Place the wakeboard on a flat surface (the ground or a table). Measures the length of the board from the tip (nose) to the tail. Use a tape measure (ruler) to measure this distance.
  • Place the tape measure or ruler across the board at its widest point and record the board width.
  • Wakeboards come in a variety of sizes. Typically, longer boards offer more stability and are suited for beginners looking for a more relaxed ride. Shorter boards are better for advanced riders who prefer a quicker response.
  • You should consider your riding styles, such as freeride, wake park, or boat riding. Different riding styles may require different board shapes and sizes.

Keep in mind that wakeboard sizing is not exact or one size. Your personal preference and comfort play an important role. So find the one size that suits you best.

Wakeboard Size Chart
Wakeboard Size Chart

Wakeboard Maintenance

  • For long periods of time, Prevent your wakeboard from being exposed to the sun.
  • Dry your wakeboard before putting it in its bag for a long period of time.
  • Keep the gear in an area that is dry and cool.


The global governing body for all towed water sports is the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF).

On the water, wakeboarding is a severe sport. A board is used to attach the rider, who is then dragged behind a motorboat at a speed of around 50 km/h. It is ideal for a wide spectrum of individuals in terms of age and is almost like riding a never-ending wave.

With the main cable, passengers can travel at speeds as high as 61 kilometers per hour (38 mph).

Usually, most wakeboards range from around 100 pounds (45 kilograms) to 300 pounds (136 kilograms) or more. Some wakeboards are specifically designed for children or lightweight riders and have lower weight limits, while others are built to support larger or more advanced riders and can handle higher weights.


We hope so; the wakeboard size chart provides valuable information about wakeboard sizes. The chart helps you determine the appropriate length and width of the wakeboard for your specific needs.

Enjoy the exciting wakeboarding experience while remaining safe and having fun on the water

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