Standard Diameter of a Hula Hoop – a Comprehensive Set of Measurements

People often wonder about the appropriate size and diameter of a hula hoop that can be used for themselves and their children. The standard hula hoops measure 36 to 42 inches for adults, while hula hoops for children are 28 to 30 inches in diameter.

The hula hoop is also known as a toy hoop. The hula hoop is whirled around the neck, limbs, or waist. Since 500 BC, they have been popular among children and adults. 

By reading this article, you’ll be able to understand hula hoops’ diameter and sizes according to your skill levels as we have discussed the dimensions of floorball.

So let’s get started!

Diameter of a Hula Hoop

When it comes to hula hooping, there is no one size that fits all. The hula hoop that you are comfortable using is the right size for you. Typically, hula hoops fall into four categories.

Small hoops (36 inches), standard (38 inches), big (40 inches), and extra-large hoops (42 inches). The regulation hula hoops for adults should have a diameter between 38 and 42 inches. The smaller size of the hula hoop can be difficult for beginners to learn and practice.

Diameter of a Hula Hoop
Diameter of a Hula Hoop

Points to Remember

  • The diameter of the hoop is the distance directly across from one hoop edge to the other.
  • Most adult-size hula hoops measure between 38 and 42 inches in diameter.
  • It is recommended that the hoop should reach 3 inches above the belly button for proper sizing.
  • The hoop should reach about 3 inches above your belly button.
  • The larger hoop is easier to practice and learn.
  • A hoop can be made of plastic, metal, or wood. Willow, rattan, stiff grasses, and grapevines are the traditional materials used in hoop making. On the other hand, commercial hoops are typically made from polyethylene plastic.

Dance Hoop Diameter

Native American hoop dance has been formally recognized as a cultural heritage and is performed in show dance competitions. The most popular competition occurs annually at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. A solo dancer performs a range of static and dynamic poses while employing dozens of hoops.

What is the circumference of a hula hoop?

The circumference refers to the measurement around the outer edge of the hoop. It is the distance covered when you trace a full circle along the outer edge of the hoop.

  • Stand up straight and measure the distance between your feet and your chest.
  • Also measures between your belly button and your chest.
  • You’ll get the precise length of irrigation tubing you need to build your hula hoop. 

You need to calculate the circumference of the hoops in order to determine the amount of hula hoop tubing you need.

  •  pi (π = 3.14)
  •  C = πd)

C represents the circumference, while “d” represents the diameter of the hoop.

You can multiply the diameter of the hoop by  (3.14159) to determine the circumference.

  • The diameter of the adult hula hoop is 38 inches, so its circumference is

3.14* 38=119 inches

  • The average diameter of a hoop for kids is 28 inches, so the circumference is

28*3.14 = 88 inches

How Big are Hula Hoops?

Hula hoop sizes can vary between your skill levels and your age level.

Diameter of a Hula Hoop
Diameter of a Hula Hoop

Hoop Size Chart

  • Small = 36 inches
  • Regular hula hoops are 38 inches.
  • Large hula hoop: 40 inches
  • Extra large = 42 inches

Here are some recommendations for hula hoop sizes based on your height measurements:

  • Grab a 36-inch hula hoop (small) if you are under 5.
  • Grab 38 (Regular) if you are under 5’4.
  • Grab sizes 40 and 42 (large and extra large) if you are under 5’10.
Diameter of a Hula Hoop
Diameter of a Hula Hoop


Typically, hoops come in four types of sizes, from 36 to 42 inches. You can pick according to your expertise level and age group.

The hula hoops come in 91 cm, 96 cm, 101 cm, and 106 cm in diameter.

The professional hula hoops come in 38 to 42 inches in diameter. Typically, 38-inch hoops are considered the regulation size.

The fitness hoop is known for being the heaviest and most weighted hoop. It is heavier than the traditional hoops. This hoop is used for exercise purposes. The sizes of the fitness hoop measure between 110cm, 105 cm, and 100cm.


The diameter of a hula hoop can vary depending on your personal preferences, skill levels, and age group. For adults, the standard hula hoop diameter ranges from 36 to 42 inches. Smaller hoops, around 36 inches, are suitable for children and beginners. The regulation diameter for adult hula hoops falls between 38 and 42 inches. 

To choose the appropriate hula hoop size, consider your height, body size, and skill level. Above the recommended hoop size chart, you can select the right hoop diameter for your requirements. Knowing the proper hoop sizes and diameters is crucial for an enjoyable hula-hooping experience.

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