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Knowledge about tennis court dimensions in feet and types of courts is essential for fair play. If you don’t know the basic dimensions, layout, and markings of the court, worry not; you’ll learn here.

Tennis is a racket sport in which you can play singles or doubles. A tennis racket hits a bouncy rubber ball covered in fuzzy stuff over a net and into the opponent’s side. The goal is to defeat your opponent so they can’t hit the ball back correctly. If they can’t return it, you score a point, and they lose a point. When exploring sports and games that share similarities with tennis, Table Tennis (Ping Pong), Badminton, and Pickleball’s Court layout, they share similarities with tennis regarding gameplay, equipment, and skills.

If you’re just new to the game of tennis, it is crucial to know about the tennis court and all its parts. This will make you feel more comfortable when you play and also give you a better understanding of the game

Knowing the court’s size and measurements is essential to make your tennis court or check if one is built correctly. In this post, you’ll get all the official dimensions and measurements. So, let’s get started!

Single & Double Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet and Meters

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) is an international governing body of tennis that is responsible for the officials’ rules including court dimensions and measurements. 

Court TypeLength WidthDoubles Alley
Singles Court78 feet         (23.77 meters)27 feet (8.23 meters)No
Doubles Court78 feet (23.77 meters)36 feet (10.97 meters)Yes
Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet
Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet

Tennis Court Dimensions

A standard tennis court measures 78 feet in length (23.77 meters) and 36 feet in width (11 meters) for doubles matches or 27 feet wide (around 8.2 meters) for singles. The court provides an overall playing area of about 2,808 square feet, equivalent to 260.9 square meters. 

There is a clearance space to prioritize player safety and allow them to chase after balls beyond court boundaries. A clearance space measures the area of 21 feet (6.4 meters) behind the baselines (the back of the court) and 12 feet (3.66 meters) on the sides. By combining the area of the court and the clear space, you get a total area of 7,200 square feet, which is 668.9 square meters. 

Tennis Court Markings

Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet
Markings – Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet

Service Line

The service line is 21 feet ( 6.40 meters) from the net. It’s used for the server to stand and serve the ball.

The Baseline

The baseline is placed at the back of the court where players serve. It can be up to 4 inches wide ( 10 cm).

Center Service Line

This line is placed in the middle of the court and measures 2 inches wide ( 5 cm). This line is important for serving in doubles.

The “T” Area

The “T” is formed by the center service line and the service line. It’s a critical area for serving because it’s where the server aims to put the ball into play.

The Tennis Net & Net Post

Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet
Net – Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet

The net in tennis serves as the dividing line between opponents. Knowing the proper tennis net layout is crucial for fair play.

  • A net is placed right in the middle, parallel to the baselines.
  • At its highest point, the net stands 3 feet 6 inches tall ( 1.07 meters) at the posts.
  • In the center of the court, it’s 3 feet high ( 0.914 meters).
  • The posts that hold up the net are positioned 3 feet ( 0.914 meters) outside the court boundaries. 
  • There are posts on each side for doubles, and for singles, the net posts 3 feet outside the court on both sides.

How Wide Are the Lines on a Tennis Court?

When it comes to the lines on the court, most of them are between 1 and 2 inches wide ( 2.5 cm to 5 cm). The baseline can be up to 4 inches wide ( 10 cm).

Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet
Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet

Tennis Court Measurements & Specifications

Key ElementsTennis court dimensions in FeetTennis court dimensions in Meters
Width36′11 m
Length78′23.77 m
Area2,808 ft²260.9 m²
Width (Full/Doubles)36′11 m
Width (Singles)27′8.2 m
Clearance (Back)21′6.4 m
Clearance (Side)12′3.66 m
Area (With Clearances)7,200 ft²668.9 m²

Types of Tennis Courts

Different tennis court surfaces can impact gameplay and player performance. Grass courts are known for their fast play and low bounce, while clay courts offer a slower game with a higher bounce. 

Hard Court surfaces are commonly used for professional tournaments.

Grass Courts

Grass courts were used in the olden days of tennis. These types of courts are traditional and where tennis started getting famous, often called “lawn tennis.” The most famous grass court tournament is Wimbledon, one of the biggest in the world.

Players who are quick on their feet and good at serving and volleying do well on grass. Legends like Roger Federer and Serena Williams have shown their skills on these courts.

Clay Courts

Clay courts’ surfaces are crushed brick or sandy dirt. They slow down the ball and make it bounce high. The most famous clay court tournament is the French Open.

On clay, rallies are a test of endurance, and players who can spin the ball a lot do well here. The “King of Clay,” Rafael Nadal, is a true legend on these courts.

Hard Courts

Hard courts are primarily used in your local clubs. These courts are made with synthetic materials on top of concrete or asphalt. These courts are fast enough, not too slow. The US Open and the Australian Open are big tournaments played on hard courts.

Hard courts make the ball bounce high. Novak Djokovic is an excellent example of a player who’s mastered hard courts.

Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet
Tennis Court Dimensions in Feet

Small Tennis Court Dimensions—Perfect Size for Kids

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) promoted the idea called the Play and Stay campaign, which is the best. It aims to make tennis easy and more fun for younger kids. So, instead of standards and traditional tennis courts, they use smaller ones. They also use special balls called red, orange, and green, which are slower and easier for younger players to handle.

Court Sizes

For kids aged 10 and under, there are “Orange” courts. The mini-court measures 18 meters ( 59 feet) long and 6.4 meters ( 21 feet) wide.

But for even younger kids under 8 years old, there are “Red” courts. These are smaller, measuring 11 meters ( 36 feet) long and 5.5 meters ( 18 feet) wide.

The net is always 0.8 meters high in the center, just the right height for our young tennis events.

Beach Tennis Court

Key ElementsMeasurements in meters
Court Length16 meters
Doubles Court Width8 meters
Singles Court Width4.5 meters
Net Height1.7 meters
Court Line Width (General)2.5 cm – 5 cm
Baseline Line WidthUp to 10 cm

Court Lines

  • The lines at the ends of the court are called baselines.
  • The lines on the sides are known as sidelines.
  • There is colored tape around the boundaries to ensure everyone knows where the court ends. This is a different color than the court surface.
  • When measuring the court, start from this tape’s outside edge.
  • They even have special tapes with rubber anchors or anchor plates to hold that colored boundary tape on the sandy court.

Junior Beach Tennis

Let’s talk about beach tennis for different age groups.

Age GroupCourt Length (m)Court Width (m)Net Height (m)
Junior Beach Tennis (16 and Under)1681.7
Junior Beach Tennis (14 and Under)1471.7
12 and Under Beach Tennis1471.5


 The dimensions can vary depending on the type of tournament and the surface. Typically, a standard tennis court is about 78 feet long and 27 feet wide, with the sides measuring to 39 feet.

Yes, the grass is faster than hard courts in tennis. On hard courts, the ball moves faster than on clay courts but slower than on grass. 

A standard tennis court’s dimensions in feet are 78 feet in length and 27 feet in width. The width for doubles play can extend to 36 feet, including singles and doubles sidelines.


A thorough understanding of tennis court dimensions in feet is essential for players, tennis enthusiasts, and those involved in constructing tennis courts. Tennis courts come in different sizes, but the standard dimensions for a tennis court in feet are 78 feet in length and 27 feet in width for singles play, while doubles courts have a width of 36 feet. 

A comprehensive knowledge of tennis courts and types is fundamental for tennis. 

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