Dimensions of a Rugby Field – Perfect Positions, Size and Measurements

The dimensions of a rugby field can vary. A standard rugby field is 110 m long from one deadball line to the other. It is 94 to 100 meters long from try line to try line. The pitch is 68 to 70 meters wide. The total area of a rugby field can range from 7,208 to 10,080 square meters. The rugby field layout is very similar to the layout of the football ground.

A comprehensive discussion of the rugby field dimensions will be ensured in this article. Key elements of the rugby game to be covered include the length and width of the field, positioning and dimension specifications for the goal posts, and location identification for both touchlines and the deadball line.

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Dimensions of a Rugby Field

MeasurementDistance in Meters
Touchline length94-100m
Touch-in-goal line length6-22m
Total area106-144m
Dimensions of a Rugby Field
Dimensions of a Rugby Field

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Rugby goal posts dimensions

Rugby posts are located centrally, at the end of the pitch, and are 5.6 meters apart. The height of the posts is 3.4 meters.

Dead Ball Line 

 The dead ball line runs parallel to the goal line and is located 6–22 m from the goal line. 

Touch Lines

The touch lines run along the length of the field and define the boundary of play.  

In-goal Area

The in-goal area is placed between the goal line and the dead ball line. The minimum length of the goal area is 10 meters.  

Dimensions of a Rugby Field
Dimensions of a Rugby Field

If a player carrying the ball touches it down on or behind the opponent’s goal line, they score a try. If the ball is kicked and lands in the in-goal area and is touched down by a defending player, the attacking team is awarded a 5-meter scrum.

How Long is a Rugby Pitch?

Are all rugby pitches the same size? Yes, the length of a rugby pitch can be slightly different. However, the standard rugby pitch size is 100 meters from the goal line to the goal line. A rugby pitch can be less than 94 meters long. 

Rugby pitch dimensions in feet

Field MarkingMeasurements in Feet
Goal line to goal line308.5-328ft
In-goal area33-72ft
Total length 341.5-400ft
Pitch area76,154.5-91,800ft

Rugby Pitch Marking Lines

Rugby pitch marked with either solid or dashed. It is solid along the touchline, touch-in-goal line, goal line (try line), halfway line, 22-meter line (72-foot line), and dead-ball line. Other markings known as dashed markings are 5-meter lines, 10-meter lines (either side of the halfway line), and 15-meter lines (49-foot line).

Markings LinesDistance
22m line distance from goal line72 feet
10m line distance from the halfway line33 feet
15m line distance from the goal line16.5 feet
15m line distance from goal line49 feet

What are rugby posts called?

A rugby goal is like the letter “H.” The goalposts are the two vertical lines. Vertical posts are connected by a crossbar and a halfway line. At the beginning of the match, a player must strike-kick the ball from the center of the halfway line.

What is international Rugby Called?

Rugby World Federation is an international federation and a global movement that comprises over 500 million fans and 10 million players in 128 national member federations.


Dimensions of a Rugby Field
Dimensions of a Rugby Field

A rugby field is 94 to 100 meters long from try line to try line. The pitch is 68 to 70 meters wide.

How long is a rugby pitch in yards?

Two 40-minute halves equal 80 minutes of playing time in the game. It is also affected by whether a match goes into extra time during the knockout stages; if so, there are two extra periods lasting 10 minutes each.


In light of the above discussion, it is obvious that there are various dimensions of a rugby field. You can rely on the standard field dimensions comprised of 110 meters in length ranging from one dead ball to the other end, 94 to 100 meters length between try lines, and 68 to 70 meters wide pitch.

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