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Let’s talk about the carrom board dimensions quite similar to the layout of checkerboard – the game where you flick discs. There’s a big size, like the official one for tournaments, which is 29 inches by 29 inches. That’s where the super-good players play.

But guess what? In America, they have a different favorite size. They like it a bit smaller, 28 inches by 28 inches. 

So, Whether you’re into the 29-inch champ or the 28-inch American style, it’s all about the space you’ve got. Because in Carrom, every inch of the board can make a difference when you’re having fun flicking those little discs around.

Carrom Board Dimensions
Carrom Board Dimensions

About carrom

You’ve got this super cool tabletop game called Carrom, hailing from India. It’s like a disc-flipping frenzy where players go head-to-head, trying to masterfully slide these little discs across the board, aiming to send them flying into the corners like they’re aiming for a stylish bullseye.

The Carrom is the rockstar of games in the Indian subcontinent. For families, kids, and even at those social shindigs, Carrom is the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

It’s like the universal language of fun that everyone speaks fluently.

It packed its bags and traveled to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth during the early 20th century.  A disc-flicking, corner-hitting, crowd-pleasing sensation around the block, making its mark from India to the UK and beyond.

The International Carrom Federation established the official rules in India in 1988. The UK caught on, forming its Carrom Federation in 1991. They host World Carrom Championship tournaments with 20+ countries.

The US Carrom Association began in 1995. In 2018, the latest Carrom World Cup saw Sri Lanka winning the men’s team and India taking the women’s team title.

Carrom board dimensions

Back in 1988, India was like, “Let’s make things official!” The International Carrom Federation sets standard rules and dimensions for the carrom board. 

Let’s talk about carrom board dimensions and different sizes. The standard-size carrom board measures 29 inches by 29 inches. The 29 inches by 29 inches that’s the actual play area – where all the disc-flinging magic happens.  Around the playing area, there’s a border, like a little frame. It’s usually around 2 to 4 inches wide. So, when you add this border to the play area, the whole board becomes a total size of anywhere between 31 by 31 inches and 33 by 33 inches.

And if we’re talking metric, those measurements translate to a play area of about 74cm by 74cm, with the border around 5 to 10cm. So, you’ve got this sweet balance of flicking discs on the main stage and having space to catch your breath around the edges. It’s like the perfect dance floor for those flying discs!

American carrom board dimensions

The most common size of carrom boards made in the USA is 28 inches by 28 inches. It’s smaller than the traditional size but matches the smaller pieces. That’s about 71cm by 71cm in metric talk.

This size is for the playing area, and there’s usually a border around it, adding some extra inches to the total size.

What is the standard height of a carrom?

According to the Indian Carrom Federation’s rulebook, the stand or table that cradles the carrom board has some standards to meet. It’s like the Goldilocks zone – not too tall or short.

The height of that stand or table should be anywhere from a minimum of 63.00 cm to a maximum of 70.00 cm. That’s the sweet spot where the action happens. It’s like creating the perfect stage for those disc-flipping battles, not too low, not too high.

Carrom Board Dimensions
Carrom Board Dimensions

What is the size of the carrom board hole?

Let’s talk about those nifty little pockets on a carrom board. Each corner of the board flaunts a circular hole with a diameter of about 51mm. That’s like its secret snacking spot!

And there’s a neat trick hidden beneath those holes – a net. Yeah, just like the ones you’d find on a snooker table. It catches those pieces with style, ensuring they don’t wander off and get lost.

What is the Carrom board made of?

Traditional carrom boards are often made from wood, with a smooth surface that allows the carrom pieces to glide across easily. However, modern variations can also be made from materials like plastic, which might offer different playing characteristics but still retain the essence of the game. The choice of material can vary based on personal preference and manufacturing methods.


While carrom has long been a hit in Asia and the Far East, now it’s growing popular in the U.S. Bigger tournaments, prizes, and many new clubs are spicing up the carrom scene across the pond. It’s like a game that’s crossing continents and scoring big.

Approximately, 26 x 26 inches

Approximately 20 X 20 Inch

The official carrom board dimensions typically follow the regulation size of 29 inches by 29 inches for the playing surface. This measurement is standardized for official play in federations and tournaments.


The carrom board dimensions are more than just numbers; they’re the key to a global language of fun. The game connects players across cultures through the simple joy of flicking those discs.

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