Arm Wrestling Table Dimensions | Optimal Measurements for Competitive Arm Wrestling

Knowing the proper guidance on the arm wrestling table ensures fair play. Arm wrestling is a competitive sport that requires strength and strategy. The dimensions of the arm wrestling table are quite different from the measurements of the beer die table as both games are quite different in playing.

In this post, we’ll discuss the standard dimensions of the arm wrestling table, including its height, width, and padding size.

What is Arm wrestling?

Arm Wrestling Table
Arm Wrestling Table

In the sport of arm wrestling, Two opponents face each other with their hands tightly grasped and their elbows bent on a table. The objective of the game is to pin the opponent’s hand to the tabletop. In its early years, this game was known by the names of arm turning, arm twisting, and twisting wrists.  

The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF), which has 82 member nations, is the generally acknowledged international regulatory organization for professional arm wrestling.

What is an arm wrestling table?

An arm wrestling table, also known as a wrestling pad. It is designed to provide a level and stable surface for arm wrestlers to compete with their opponents.

An arm wrestling table, especially one covered with a non-slip material like leather or synthetic fabric. The surface is wide enough to allow competitors to place their elbows comfortably while maintaining proper arm positioning. The table’s width provides sufficient space for arm wrestlers to engage in the arm wrestling technique and apply leverage without restrictions.

Arm Wrestling Table Dimensions

Table Height

  • Sit down: Measures 28 inches from floor to top of table.
  • Stand-up: Measures 40 inches from floor to top of table.
Arm Wrestling Table
Arm Wrestling Table


The top of the arm wrestling table measures 36 inches across and 26 inches deep. Legs will measure 71 cm (28 inches) inside the leg and 45.7 cm (18 inches) from leg to leg.

Elbow Pads

Elbow pads are square-shaped and measure 7″x7″. They are 2 inches thick, constructed of heavy, high-quality foam, and coated in some kind of vinyl or resin. The foam and covering can be protected by a 1/8″ metal sheet that is 7″ x 7″ with two threaded bolts that are 1/4″ in diameter by 1 3/4″ long and welded to the bottom. This will allow you to attach your elbow pads to the tabletop.

At WAF events, the middle of the table will always be marked by a line that is either painted, upholstered, or taped from hand grip to hand grip.

It is recommended to place elbow pads two inches apart from each edge. They should be placed 1/2 to the right of the center for a right-arm table. For the left arm table, it should be 1/2 to the left of the center.


Touchpads measure 10 inches long and 4 inches high. These touchpads are typically made using premium touchpad materials.

They should be angled 5 inches from the elbow pad’s inner corner to the pad’s inside corner and 1/2 inch from each edge’s measurement to the outside corner of the pad. It should be 2 34 inches from the hand peg to the outer corner of the touchpad, measured running at an angle in the direction of the hand peg.

Hand Pegs

Hand pegs should be placed midway at 13 inches on each edge of the table, 1 inch from the edge. The peg itself should be 1 inch in diameter and 6 inches high from the tabletop.


The ideal material is square tubing, although it is also perfect to use flat iron, angle iron, and tubular steel. Normal plywood tops for tables and chairs measure 1.9 cm (3/4′′) thick.

To create a pleasant, complete look, the tabletop and seat should have a thin sheet of foam that is coated in a material similar to vinyl or rexine. The surface and chairs must not be covered in reflective tape or plexiglass.

  • thickened iron frame structure
  • The top board plate is finished with PVC leather.
  • High-grade leather, thickened high-grade elastic cotton, plywood.

Arm Wrestling Competition Tables

Elbow pads, pin pads, and hand pegs are among the tables used for arm wrestling competitions. Elbow pads mark the space within which a competitor’s elbow must remain throughout the match. Pin pads also mark the height at which an opponent’s hand must touch in order to be considered pinned.

The size of these tables varies significantly depending on the organization that oversees the tournament, but they are usually symmetrical with a predetermined spacing between the pin pads and elbow pads.

Arm Wrestling Table
Arm Wrestling Table


Stand-up height measures 40 cm from the floor to the tabletop. Sit-down height measures 28 cm from the floor to the tabletop.

Typically, individuals prefer forearm angle ranges of 72°–78° and 105°–110°.

Without the elbow pad, the height at which you can stand is 40″. 6. Without the elbow pad, the height at which a person can sit is 28″.


The arm wrestling table is a crucial component in the sport of arm wrestling. It provides a level and stable surface for competitors to ensure fair play. The dimensions of the arm wrestling table are standardized to create a balanced playing field.

Whether the table is used for standing or sitting down affects its height. The stand-up table measures 40 inches high from the ground, while the sit-down table has a height of 28 inches. 

By adhering to standardized measurements and using quality materials, the arm wrestling table ensures fair play and an enjoyable arm wrestling experience for participants.

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